• Play For Peyton Fundraiser 2021
      Health Education, Awareness and Suicide Prevention for our Youth of Hamilton County!
      The Peyton Riekhof Foundation for Youth Hope was created in the memory of Peyton Riekhof.  The Foundation’s mission is to increase awareness of the risk of suicide in youth with mental health conditions.  The Foundation has made much progress working with the community to bring awareness and services directly to the youth of Hamilton County.
      The Foundation’s main fundraiser is a softball tournament that serves over 400 girls ages 8-18 and their families from the Hamilton County and surrounding areas.  September 11th, 2021, we are hosting the 7th annual Play for Peyton Softball Tournament, which is a one-day tournament that includes games a program on mental health, and resources provided by local agencies – all designed to increase discussion, reduce stigma, and increase awareness about mental health conditions.
      Here are some of the Foundation’s contributions to our community:
      • Creation of Project Hope within the Hamilton Southeastern School Foundation to help cover mental health therapy sessions for families who do not have ample financial resources.
      • District-wide education & training of HSE Schools staff and faculty on suicide prevention
      • Yearly mental health convocation with keynote speaker to local high schools, including HSE and Fishers High Schools
      • Community mental health awareness events all over Hamilton County
      • Funding for 2 therapist to lead peer support groups at HSE, Fishers High Schools with the addition of 2 Jr. High Schools this year!
      • Contributions towards an HSE school scholarship to help families who can’t afford therapy
      • Support to 2 new non-profit organizations being created to specifically help families and men
      Please see our website of all of the ways donations to this foundation have positively impacted the community by raising awareness and bringing services to our youth: www.thepeytonriekhoffoundation.com.
    • Current List Of Teams
      HS OPEN (Gold & Silver Bracket) *CLOSED* (Waitlist Registration Only)
      18u-IN Primetime-Parkinson
      18u-IN Primetime-Ream
      18u-Ft. Wayne Force
      16u-Lady Dukes-Kiemeyer
      16u-Bats & Bullets
      16u- IN Gators-Trueblood
      16u-IN Shockwaves-Lovell
      14u-Indy Crush 07-Paris
      16u- IN Ducks-Bell
      16u-IN Bulldogs 16u
      16u-Indy Edge-Strelow
      16u-IN Mustangs-Mudis
      18u-IN Primetime 04-Smethers
      14U OPEN (Gold & Silver Bracket) *CLOSED* (Waitlist Registration Only)
      14u Howard Co Thunder 08-Buckner
      13u-Cats 08-Shockley
      13u-Indy Dreams 08
      13u-IN Primetime 08-Crouch
      14u-IN Ducks 07
      14u-IN Prospects
      14u- Indy Wildcats
      13u-IN Phoenix-Missiciano,Kainrath
      12U OPEN *CLOSED* (Waitlist Registration Only)
      12u-Indy Crush 09-Valenta
      12u-IN Fusion 09-Palmer
      11u-IN Gators-Carter
      12u-IN Ducks-Tipps
      12u-IN Primetime 09-Carroll
      12U C *Closed* (Waitlist Registration Only)
      11u-Indy Chaos 2010
      11u-Indy Edge 2K10
      12u-IN Fierce-Warfel
      10U OPEN (1 Opening)
      10u-Indiana Shockwaves 2011
      10u-IN Ducks-Pipenger
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    • 10/30
      09U - 14U
      Fern Creek
      06U - 18U
      13U - 18U
      Terre Haute
      08U - 18U
      13U - 18U

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