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    • 2020 Fall State Tournament (TX/LA Teams) 5x Points
      Final Update:10/29/20 9:30pm
      *Schedules and brackets are live online; game scores will be updated on the USFA mobile app
      *If the home team is winning when time expires, that’s a complete game. Home team will not get to finish that half inning to pad stats in an effort to keep event moving
      *14u/HS Divisions will play “No Time Limit- 5 Inning” games
      *No Metal Cleats Allowed at Ford Park
      *Each team will get 48 daily social distancing bands for their spectators; anyone 3 or over is considered a spectator and is required to wear the band per Jefferson County
      *The Head Coach or Manager that is checking in the team will need to arrive early to get their set of bands to hand out to their spectators (Note, this is different from the entry gate wristband)
      *Please adhere to social distancing guidelines and wear masks when around people
      *We ask that each coach communicate with their families to please do their best to adhere to these policies, as last time we had parents verbally abusing our staff members at the gate because of the social distancing bands/rules. This will not be tolerated in any manner.
      *Coaches, players, and umpires are not required to wear masks during games
      *At check-in each team will get 3 coaches’ wristbands, and 1 team cooler tag
      *No outside food or drink is allowed inside Ford Park other than the designated team cooler
      Costume Contest:
      *Text your team picture in their costumes to 713-594-5928 with the team name to be entered into the contest. Initially we communicated that Maggie would go around and take the pictures but that isn’t possible with this many teams.
      *The team with the best costumes will also win a set of commemorative shirts
      *Teams will be allowed to play in costumes!
      Trunks & Treats Details:
      *A row of the parking lot will be roped off and that’s where the Trunks & Treat Tailgate will take place
      *Teams will get 3 parking spaces in consecutive order on a first come first serve set up; teams do not have to register for this as the tailgate is not mandatory (3 team spaces, skip 1, then 3 spaces, then 1, etc is how teams will set up)
      *The idea is to have the team tailgates face each other from both sides of the lane; no cars will be allowed to drive through the lane as that will a fun zone or the kids to trick or treat
      *The team with the most creative decorated tailgate will win a set of commemorative shirts for their players
      *We urge teams to have fun with this, and bring candy to hand out to the kids
      *The USFA staff will have a bunch of candy to hand out at our own tailgate
      *Reminder that this is a youth event and no alcohol is permitted!
      *Teams are allowed to bring food and set up their tailgates to have fun as if they were at a large sporting event
      *We will need to know at team check-in if your team is not going to be participating in Trunks & Treat event so we can make sure we have enough space set up
      Primary Scoring Rules
      Points for win           3
      Points for tie            1
      Points for forfeit win 3
      Additional Scoring
      If more than 2 teams are tied, head to head will be dropped and we'll move to the next tie-breaker
      Tie Breaker Rules
      Head to Head Tie Breaker #1
      Fewest Run Allowed Tie Breaker #2
      Run Differential Max 12 Tie Breaker #3
      Coin Toss Tie Breaker #4
      Thanks, Robert Guerrero
      Bracket Breakdown:
      14 Teams or under in an age group will be 1 bracket (Diamond)
      15-23 Teams in an age Division will be split into 2 Brackets (Diamond & Elite)
      24+ Teams in an age Division will be split into 3 Brackets (Diamond, Elite, & Gold)
      8u 60 Min Games ($40 PAP)
      10u 70 Min Games ($40 PAP)
      12u 70 Min Games ($40 PAP0
      14u No Time Limit 5-Inning Games ($45 PAP)
      16/18u No Time Limit 5-Inning Games ($45 PAP)
      $250 Entry Fee (8u $200) 
      Payments to be made via Paypal at:
      Rosters will need to be completed online by each team prior to the first game starting
      Insurance proof will to be uploaded in system
      Weather updates will be communicated via the USFA Mobile App
      Halloween Note: Trunk & Treat being held in the Ford Park parking lot Saturday night. We are going to be blocking off a row that evening to allow the kids that want to participate. We will be using a "tailgating" format with each team that participate being in a contest to see who's tailgate is the most creative. Once the team count is solidifed the times will be set for this. More to come..
      Seeding Breakdown: 
      Win = 3 Points
      Tie = 1 Point
      Loss = 0 Points     
      Tie Breaker Breakdown:
      #1 Head to Head Tie Breaker
      #2 Runs Allowed Ties Breaker
      #3 Run Differential (Max 12 runs)
      Brackets will be set once the last game is completed
      Please use the USFA Mobile App for schedules and standing updates
      Gate Fees:
      $10 Weekend or Daily Passes $7 each for ages 12 & up 
      Gates will open at 6:30am Saturday/Sunday
      Register today as we expect this tournament to fill up this year!  
      Ford Park Rules:
      No Coolers or outside food or drink
      1 Team Cooler band will be given to Coach at check-in
      No Metal Cleats
      No Metal fans or generators
      No sunflower seeds
      Tournament Director: Robert Guerrero
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