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      • 2020 USFA Western Nationals Beaumont, TX (Entry Fee Reduced!!)
        Email sent to coaches on July 15, 2020:

        TOURNAMENT INFORMATION: As of July 15th, Ford Park has assured USFA that the tournament will proceed as planned. 

        TOURNAMENT ENTRY FEE: To maintain a contactless event as much as possible we are asking all teams to pay the $300 entry fee ($200 for 8U) via PayPal to Stars Over Texas (you can find it on PayPal - USE FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO AVOID FEES. **If PayPal is not an option, you can pay with EXACT CASH at check-in.
        **HEAD COACHES - PLEASE CHECK IN BEFORE YOUR FIRST POOL GAME - to verify roster and insurance, collect team social distancing bands and get team cooler tag if needed. Each coach will need to pick up their own band - we cannot give the head coach bands for all coaches.
        **IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING OCCUPANCY LIMITS DUE TO COVID-19 - Jefferson County is asking USFA to minimize the number of spectators at the event this weekend to 24 guests per team, per day. Head Coaches will be given 24 Social Distancing Bands for Saturday and 24 Social Distancing Bands for Sunday when they check-in. Anyone 3 years and up will be required to wear a social distancing band (**This does not include roster players in uniform and the coaching staff). These bands do not grant you admission to the park - but you cannot purchase an admission band without a Social Distancing Band. We understand that this is an inconvenice for some teams but we have to follow the orders of Jefferson County in order to proceed with the event.
        GATE FEE: $7 per day or $10 for the weekend. Guests 12 and under are free. (Reminder - children 3 years to 12 years will require a social distancing band but will not have to pay at the gate to enter.)
        **DOWNLOAD THE USFA APP - remind parents to download the USFA app. Schedules are updated and weather alerts will be shared in the app should they be necessary. 
        **All teams will play 3 pool games that will seed a Double Elimintion bracket. If a score is enterd incorrectly during pool play, please text Charles Barnhouse 281-639-9098 with the field, game time and scores and corrections will be made. 
        * Please update your online roster prior to check-in. If your team does not have an online account, please bring a paper roster to leave with the tournament director at check-in. The paper roster should include Player First and Last Name, Jersey Number and birthdate. 
        * Teams must show proof of insurance at check-in as well if not uploaded onto your team account - either updated on your USFA account or provide a paper copy to be viewed at check in. 
        * Game lengths: All divisions are playing 60 minute pool games (finish the inning - can end in a tie) and 75 minute bracket (finish the inning - must have a winner). USFA will provide balls for pool and bracket play. PAP is $40 per game for both pool and bracket games. Pool play points: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss, shut out victory earns 1 point bonus. Tie breakers: 1. Head to Head, 2. Runs allowed and 3. Run Differential (maximum 13 runs).
        Below is more detailed communication focused around the safety guidelines & protocols for this coming weekend. We are closely monitoring the situation around the virus, and will need help from our teams to make the parks safer. Last week the City of Houston and other Texas communities kicked off the “Mask Up” campaign, to help drive the message on how important it is to wear masks. Our goal this weekend to set the example of how a youth sports event can function, and still adhere to the regulatory guidelines set by the authorities. We have seen video clips of games that have been played over the last week or so, and frankly we can do better adhering to these guidelines.  See information below:
        *Masks should be worn by all fans attending - especially in concession area and restrooms - AGES 10 and up; major focus here please - coaches and players are aked to wear masks when not on the field for a game. 
        *NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED - Head coaches will be given a team cooler tag at check-in. Ford Park only allows drinks in the cooler. 
        *Social Distancing is essential; please spread out along the foul lines and separate from guests who are not immediate family members. Ford Park will have a limit of 24 guests per team per day. Guests must have a social distancing band in order to purchase a band at the gate. 
        *Metal cleats are not allowed at Ford Park
        *Please refrain from chewing gum and eating peanuts or sunflower seeds at Ford Park.
        *Players & Coaches temperature checks prior to first game. USFA does not have the staff nor the equipment to administer temperature check for the players or coaches, so we ask that each family do their due diligence in checking prior to playing. This of course can happen prior to leaving the house. The umpires will need the coach at the plate meeting to confirm that his group has been checked prior to the first game starting.
        Note- any person with a temperature of 100.4 or over should not enter the parks, as 100.4 is considered a fever
        *Dugouts - We ask that each team designate from their parents or coaches someone to do a final walk through to check that everything has been sanitized and cleaned by their team, so that the next team taking the dugout enters a clean dugout. Ford Park will not have communial water coolers in the dugouts during this event. 
        *Water coolers have been removed from all dugouts. Players are allowed to carry an individual water cooler into Ford Park. 
        *Coaches are asked to minimize any  “post game” team meetings to prevent the group gatherings - or use social distancing when meeting with the team. 
        * AWARDS - Awards will be handed to one team representative after the game to distribute to the players. This is for the safety of our directors and teams. 
        We understand that this is a stressful & nervous situation to deal with, so we ask everyone for their help this weekend to try making this as safe as possible.
        On-site tournament director - Charles Barnhouse 281-639-9098
        On-site UIC - Bubba Harris 409-670-5981
        Update: 7/1/20
        Coaches, we hope you’ll and your families are safe during this tough time our communities are dealing with. I wanted to send a note to everyone around some changes we are making to Western Nationals in Beaumont the weekend of July 18th. Originally this event was positioned as a 3-day National Event to give teams that couldn’t travel to a destination “National” this year a chance to finish the year with a Natty shot. This event historically has been one of the most fun events of the year with the Opening Ceremony Party hosted by DJ Dominique. The laughs during the Tug of War Tournament was also something that was great to experience.
         We have a made a decision to move forward hosting with the event, but will have to make some changes to the event to make it safer & a better fit for teams. In speaking with some of you’ll over the past week, the concerns around safety, hotel costs, and the length of the event costing families more drove the decision to make changes. The modifications to the tournament outlined below will better position the event to be a more ideal fit for teams and families.
        *The Thursday Night Opening Ceremony Party & Coaches Meeting is cancelled
        *DJ Dominique will be shifting over to play at the park on Saturday during games
        *There will be no Friday games, as the start of the event is moved to Saturday 8am
        *Teams that have pins to trade can still do that during pool play on Saturday in a safe manner
        *Water Coolers in the dugouts will not be provided; players are encouraged to bring personal water jugs
        *Coaches will get a team cooler tag at check-in Saturday morning
        *Format of the tournament is changing:
                       3 Pool Games on Saturday that seed you into a Double Elimination Bracket
                       Bracket Play will begin once the last pools are completed
                       Pools will be 60 mins; Bracket will be 75 mins; PAP remains $40
        Our goal is to add enough teams to be able to have an “Open & C-Class” in the 10u and 12u Divisions where possible.
        Everyone has taken a hit during this madness, and teams have had to fight to make it financially this year. For this reason, Maggie and I want to give back something cool at this event. We have worked out a deal with our apparel partner to award the top 3 teams in each Division with a free set of uniforms for next season. As of right now that’s 12 sets of uniforms that we will be donating, but if we get enough teams to break out the C’s in 10u & 12u that’s another 6 sets and so on. This is in addition to the rings and awards we already plan to give out.
        If you would your team to be added to this event, please contact us via text or email and we’ll add you! If you are traveling to a destination national to finish your year, we at USFA wish you’ll the best of luck no matter what event you are going to. Go get those Natty’s!!!!!
        Entry Fee Reduced to $300!!! 8u $200 
        Divisions: 8u, 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, & 18u
        *Classifications will separated if there are 8 or more teams in a given division
        Ford Park Rules:
        No Metal Cleats
        No Fans
        No Outside Food or Beverages  (Team Cooler Tag will be give at check-in)
        Tournament Director: Robert Guerrero (832)242-2203
        Field Director: Charles Barnhouse
        Event UIC: Dan Bubba Harris 

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