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General Event Policies
  1. Teams should report to the assigned field at least 1 hr before game time.
  2. Warm-ups will be conducted in the open play areas behind each field. Do not hit or throw balls into permanent or temporary fencing. Any player warming up a pitcher must wear a mask.
  3. Pitcher will be allowed 5 warm up pitches her first inning & 3 warm up pitches thereafter. All new pitchers will be awarded the same.
  4. When the game is over, teams must leave the field immediately after shaking hands. We will be on a tight schedule and you must adhere to this rule. Please be courteous and clean up after each game.
  5. Champions will provide 2 New or Like new game balls per game for 14U-18G.  After those balls leave the field and don’t return- each team is responsible for putting in a new game ball.
  6. 12U Teams will provide their own game balls.
  7. We will be playing USSSA Rules, any EXCEPTION to those rules are listed below.
  8. Home team/visiting team will be determined by coin toss. First team listed in bracket will occupy home team dugout.
  9. No players, team coaches or parents/spectators will be allowed in areas designated “College Coaches Only”.
  10. In case of uncontrollable circumstances or interruptions due to weather, the Tournament Director reserves the right to alter the tournament format in anyway necessary to maximize the number of games played by each team.
  11. Both the USSSA Approved Ghost Bat AND Blue Ghost Bat ARE allowed.
14U-18G Pool/Exhibition Game Rules
  1. All exhibition games will be 90 minute time limit (Finish the Inning). DROP DEAD AT 100 MINUTES (1:40 Max Time Limit Per Game)
  2. Free substitution will be permitted during Exhibition games ONLY.
  3. No lineup cards needed during exhibition play.
  4. No “Run Rules” are in affect during Exhibition Play.
12U Pool Game Rules
  1. All pool games will be 120 minute time limit (Finish the Inning) or 7 Innings.
  2. Free substitution will be permitted on Defense.
  3. All USSSA rules will apply Including Run Rules. (12 after 3, 10 after 4. 8 after 5)
  4. Games CAN end in a Tie.
Bracket/Elimination Game Rules
  1. BRACKET/ELIMINATION GAMES will be 90 MINUTES- Finish the Inning.  ITB will start in the 8th Inning if score is tied OR the first new inning after the 90th Minute.
  2. Elimination Games will play with Championship play lineup cards, including all Additional Player options and DP/FLEX option on offense.  LINE UP CARDS ARE REQUIRED.
  3. USSSA Run rules will be in affect during elimination play. (12 after 3, 10 after 4. 8 after 5)
Tournament Officials:
Tournament Director/Champions CEO- Stacy Tamborra– 404-808-5495
Tournament Administrator – Leigh Prickett 770-778-1397


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