South Florida Halloween State Championship 10/23/2020 - 11/3/2020

GSA Coach Pitch Rulesuick Rules):

  • Each batter will be given six (6) pitches, three (3) swings and missed attempts, or a fair hit ball.  Foul balls with two (2) strikes will continue until the batter has either put the ball in play or swung and missed for strike three (3).   
  • To end a play, the defense must stop the lead runner.  This may be accomplished by throwing the ball to the base ahead of the lead runner and either putting the runner out or forcing him to retreat to his last base established.  The defensive team may ask for time out only when all runners have stopped any attempts for advancement.  Time out will not be allowed if the umpire considers the play “live”.
  • A maximum of ten (10) players will be on the field for defense.  If ten (10) are used, four (4) players must take positions in the outfield grass area.  Teams are not permitted to play with three (3) outfielders and position their forth (4th) outfielder as an extra infielder.
  • An inning continues until the offensive team has scored (5) runs or until the defensive team has recorded three (3) outs. In the last inning of play, each team will be able to tie the game and go up by (5) runs max. (Ex. (5) runs max per inning. Except the last inning each team has the chance to tie the game and advance by (5) runs max)
  • Teams must bat (10) players minimum. If there are less than (10) players in the batting lineup, the 9th and 8th will become automatic outs.  A team may start and play the game with eight (8) players
  • For safety reasons, catchers must be wearing full protective catching gear. The catcher must be set up in the catching position or within a 5 feet of the catching box. Catchers are "NOT PERMITTED" to be standing against the backstop