South Florida Halloween State Championship 10/23/2020 - 11/3/2020

Rules of Player Protest:
  • Cost of protest is $100 Cash.
  • Protest must be filed with the umpire and tournament director before the completion of the THIRD inning. 
  • No player protest will be permitted once the THIRD inning has been completed.
  • Once a player protest has been submitted (Before the completion of the THIRD inning), the head coach must provide proof of age.
  • Head Coach will have until the last out of the game or until game time has expired to provide proper proof of age.
  • Head Coach must be able to provide a PHYSICAL copy of the players birth certificate or a copy of players visa.
  • NO altered copies and NO images from phones or any electroic devices will be accepted.
Protesting pitcher exceeding inning limitations:
  • If a pitcher exceeds his innings pitched, the PLAYER and the HEAD COACH will be ejected. The game will continue and the score will remain the same.